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More to come soon.
In the meantime: https://bit.ly/2LTZIb8

Wiedereröffnung Casino Burgdorf
02.03.2019 _ Steff la Cheffe · Mike Müller · Tinu Heiniger · Endo Anaconda · Hank Shizzoe · Pedro Lenz · Tom Etter · Jüre Schmidhauser · Simon Baumann ·  Christian Brantschen · Schertenlaib & Jegerlehner 

Recording 'Steady As We Go' _ Hank Shizzoe
I had the pleasure to be part of this superbe Album. With Tom Etter, Michel Poftet, Michael Flury, Hendrix Ackle and more. And a Slingerland Rolling Bomber Kit thanx to Arno Troxler.
Have a listen right here. 

Stephan Eicher & Matin Suter - Songbook Tour 2018 / 2019
Band: Stephan Eicher, guitar/vocals - Martin Suter, poetry - Reyn Ouwehand, piano - Martin Gallop, guitar/pedal steel - Heidi Happy, vibes/mandoline/vocals - Baptiste Germser, bass/flugelhorn -Simon Baumann, drums & molto cantabile Chor. 

Germany Tour March 2019 & Switzerland Tour November 2018. 

Please find new tour dates & infos here. 

Halle 622 Zürich - 
Halle 622 Zürich - 
Halle 622 Zürich- 
Mozartsaal Frankfurt- 
Theater am Tanzbrunnen Köln
Kleine Laiszhalle Hamburg
Universität der Künste Berlin
BMW Welt München

Volkshaus Zürich - AUSVERKAUFT
Bierhübeli Bern - AUSVERKAUFT
KKL Konzertsaal Luzern - AUSVERKAUFT
Volkshaus Zürich - AUSVERKAUFT
Musical Theater Basel - AUSVERKAUFT
Kaufleuten Zürich - AUSVERKAUFT
Unique Moments Landesmuseum Zürich - Tickets
Halle 622 Zürich - Tickets
Halle 622 Zürich - Tickets
Halle 622 Zürich - Tickets
Germany Dates coming up soon. 

Mario Batkovic 
Haldern Pop Festival _ DE ; Gurtenfestival CH, with Christoph Steiner, Benjamin Külling. 
Watch the choir sing 'Asterix'.. 

Die Polstergruppe 2.0 live in Arles / France
Rainier Lericolais, Stephan Eicher, Simon Baumann, Martin Gallop, Stefan Lakatos, Adrian Iten will perform at the Fondation Van Gogh
www.polstergruppe.org  polstergruppe facebook

Carte Blanche 2016
Simon Baumann was given the carte blanche from Bern City's venue bee-flat to curate and present four nights: 
Carte Blanche #1: Polstergruppe (world premiere)
Carte Blanche #2: Hank Shizzoe Trio plus Michael Flury
Carte Blanche #3: Zachov Kalker Baumon
Carte Blanche #4: Baumon Favre jukebox

An hour for bass drum, snare drum, ride cymbal and a prophet synth.
Sat, June 18. 2016 Orbital Garden, 23h-24h. Thank you very much Don Li for inviting. 

Bewegungsmelder Interview
Go to the interview here

Die Polstergruppe
1.0 live video with Mario Batkovic, Pedro Lenz, Michael Fehr, Simon Heggendorn, Hank Shizzoe, Mel Buss, Jürg Halter, Zimoun, Don Li, Stephan Eicher & Rainier Lericolais. 

Swiss Radio SRF3 Interview & DJ Mix
Have a listen here

Bob Dylan 75
Directed by Hank Shizzoe, we played some of Dylans Songs for Swiss National Television SRF. With guest singers Bruno Amstad, Shirley Grimes, Evelinn Trouble, Polo Hofer, Toni Vescoli, Erika Stucki, Stephan Eicher, Marc Sway, Lea Lu and more. 
Watch the show here

Mario Batkovic's Broken Soul Band
Mario Batkovic, Christoph Steiner & Simon Baumann. 
First test gig Dachstock Reithalle 2016 April 30. 
www.batkovic.com  batkovic on facebook

New Duo: Simon Ho & Simon Baumann
In cooperation with Perron3 and Soon Galery,  the Duo will present a musical examination with the work of the great Zimoun
Simon Ho: piano & electronics // Simon Baumann: drums & electronics

March 18, 2016, Soon Galery, Bern, Switzerland

Loufmeter 2016
Directing the music for the open air fashion parade in the streets of Switzerlands capital Bern. 

POLSTERGRUPPE / premiers at bee-flat Bern with 'PARTITION'
The Trio consisting of Baumann, Lericolais & Eicher presents its ambient installation as part of a 'Liegekonzert' on March 30. 
More infos: 
Infos & Tickets for the Ambient Installation / Liegekonzert
Polstergruppe Soundcloud
Polstergruppe Facebook

Konzert Theater Bern /  Die Töchter des Danaos, 2015
Director: Ramin Gray. I’m on bass bars, temple bells, singing bowls & anvils. The play premieres on December 17 2015.
Next Shows:
Di, 22. Dez 2015, 19:30
Di, 29. Dez 2015, 19:30
Do, 14. Jan 2016, 19:30
Fr, 12. Feb 2016, 19:30
Sa, 20. Feb 2016, 19:30
So, 13. Mär 2016, 18:00
Mi, 16. Mär 2016, 19:30
More infos here

Orbital Garden / Artists Favorites 
Sunday, November 29th,  2015, 17.00h ARTISTS FAVORITES with
SIMON BAUMANN Musician, Producer at
ORBITAL GARDEN, Kramgasse 10, Bern

Orbital Garden invites me to present my personal favorites. Songs, Inspirations, Movies, Books, other Artists.... A 40min Journey on Sunday afternoon at Orbital Garden

Opernhaus Zurich / #ROMEO_JULIA 2015
For this project under the patronage of Christian Spuck I’m on Drums, Percussion and Synthesizer. The play premiered July 3 2015. Opernhaus.ch

Metric Rotations no.4 / Composition by Don Li 2015
A sixty minutes journey through both rhythmic and metric cycles with
some reference to the minimal techno of Detroit’s Robert Hood.
Don Li - Clarinets, Electronics, Composition; Björn Meyer - Bass
Simon Baumann – Drums; Performed live at Orbital Garden, May 2nd 2015

This Place Belongs To The Birds / Hank Shizzoe 2015
Its a sunny day when we do the drum recordings for this full circle album at Hank’s place. Thank you Hank!
Catch the new Album here. Press Reviews. We are on tour now: Hank Shizzoe on guitar & vocals / Tom Etter (Zueri West) on guitar & vocals, and Simon Baumann (Baumon, Stephan Eicher) on drums & samples. Tour Dates

Baumon 2015
My first solo project. Baumon will be starting officially in 2015,
yet there are some works done already. Follow Baumon on Facebook. Follow Baumon on Soundcloud. Also part of the Baumon world are: 
Junior & Baumon Marching Band
Baumon Favre jukebox

Montreux Jazz Festival 2014
As part of the L'Envolée Tour, I'm performing with Stephan Eicher at the Montreux Jazz Festival (Stravinski Hall) on July 12. 2014. 

Drum-Phase No. 4 / Composition by Don Li 2014
60 minutes. 1 drop beat. 3 drummers. 3 different tempos.
Arno Troxler plays at 120 BPM, Simon Baumann plays 120.1 BPM, Rico Baumann plays 120.2BPM. What comes out? Sixty minutes in constant shifting and drifting of rhythmic patterns against each other. A moiré like listening experience. Performed live at Orbital Garden, March 15, 2014. Tonus Music Records

Hank Shizzoe / Songsmith Album 2014
With great pleasure I was part of this album production, together with Hank Shizzoe, Stephan Eicher, the great Reyn Ouwehand, Shirley Grimes, Baptiste Germser and Michael Flury.
Get the Album: "Songsmith" (Blue Rose Records) / Watch the video.

Stephan Eicher 2011–2014
I'm currently on tour with Stephan Eicher. Please find tour dates, videos and more infos here. And on Hank Shizzoe's tour blog.

Yes, Techno Music. I'm with Mercury since 2009.
Find all news and releases on worldofmercury.com.
The Man (out on Gomma)

Native Instruments Berlin
I'm recording and producing for the Abbey Road Series amongst others. Hear the latest release, the Vintage Drummer.

Mercury Live!
At Watergate, Berlin (11/05/13), together with our friend Robert Owens.

One Shot Orchestra
Along with Fabian Kalker and Jacob Suske I was part of the Berlin based Techno-Trio one:shot:orchestra. This picture shows the opening of Vision Festival. The "Karneval der Verpeilten" was nice too by the way. 
Berlin 2008 | London 2009 | Berlin Basement
iTunes: Bonaparte Remix | Soundtrack of the movie "13 Semester"

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