Simon Baumann's musical response to the hectic pace of our zeitgeist.

The music of OSOMO creates spaces of pause, retreat and contemplation. Away from the
fast-paced outside world to the inside world. OSOMO counters our hectic zeitgeist with an
invitation to a journey. Conceived as "transporting music", it forms a sonic environment in
which listeners can enter, move and stay in their own thoughts, feelings and physical
It is a journey that leads to different places for each person. 


Die Polstergruppe
A experimental ambient music project of Simon Baumann, Stephan Eicher & Rainier Lericolais.
With guest appearances from John Armleder, Marco Repetto, Dan Reeder and more. 

Fondation Van Gogh Arles, F _ Kulturpalast Nürnberg, D _ Museum für Kommunikation Bern, CH
Nuit des Images Lausanne, CH _ La Bâtie-Festival Genf, CH

www.polstergruppe.org  facebook  soundcloud

A commercial pop music experiment trying to get as much plays on Spotify as possible. 


www.baumon.com  facebook  soundcloud

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